077 Joan Dempsey

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Joan experienced a year’s journey of dealing with setbacks, as she empowered herself to become an author. She was crippled with self doubt. Joan felt she didn’t have the skills to write and experienced judgement from people. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– be mindful to enjoy the journey
– the joy comes in the work
– joy is the measure
– be willing to embrace feedback
– be open to others’ perspectives
– learn to embrace your self doubt
– reframe your worries
– if we learn something new each day, then it’s time well spent


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076 Connie Bombaci

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Connie’s mother taught her that all living beings and creatures are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance. Rescuing a deaf and malnourished dog, Hogan, and nursing him back to health, taught her how to hope through suffering, which leads to perseverance and develops great character and confidence. Connie shares the message of hope with others. She imparts these nuggets of life wisdom:

– you are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance
– open your heart fully
– life offers hope to overcome any challenge
– once we choose hope, anything is possible
– choose to persevere
– see your life as a journey
– use your faith to center you
– refocus and recenter on your purpose
– reach out to someone in need of hope

Connie Bombaci, a first-time author and retired educator, is resolute in her love for animals, belief in the worthiness of all God’s creations, and desire to provide encouragement no matter what the challenge. Connie is an optimist and compassionate person whose Christian faith guides her to believe in the extreme goodness and immeasurable importance of every being. Her love for animals began in childhood and developed from her desire to be kind. She has enjoyed many adopted pets throughout her lifetime, especially ones that have needed help, rescuing domestic and wild orphaned, injured, or abandoned animals. Her desire for others to believe in the value of themselves led her to become an educator where she worked fervently to increase young peoples’ confidence and belief in themselves, despite any difficulty. She offered hope where frustration and failure seemed inevitable. While serving as a teacher and associate principal in a Connecticut public school system, she took great pleasure working within its community, finding it especially fulfilling to encourage and support her students and coworkers.
Connie grew up in a suburban neighborhoold outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Jim, and their two rescued pups in the rustic, puppy-friendly home that Jim built on their five-acre “piece of Heaven.” She is also surrounded by the love of four children, son-in-law, ten grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.
Hogan’s life is a story of success despite the odds. In her book Connie shares his story and the message that hope can be found in the kind and generous hearts of gracious people and that everyone is worthy of love and acceptance.


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075 Shannon Hogan Cohen

Shannon Hogan Cohen

Shannon is an advocate of women. She uses storytelling to share, heal and empower others. Shannon experienced depression and anxiety, due to her alcoholic father, the lost of her dad at 11 and the abandonment of her mother. When her grandmother, Rosie, used to read books to her as a child, she shared a special bond, felt safe, learned that each story offered a meaning and a purpose. Shannon wanted to continue that legacy. Her dialogue with women provides connection, consolation and healing. Shannon wants others to know they are not alone, there is no need to experience silent suffering nor take secrets to the grave. She honors women, because of their resilience, courage and those that would normally never get the recognition they deserve. Shannon’s book “Share, Heal and Empower” is a celebration of women. She shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– you are not alone
– share your story, as it an be therapeutic
– all stories matter
– use your wounds as your wisdom
– we are far more alike, than different
– there is redemptive value in vulnerability
– it takes courage to accept the pain of the past

Shannon Hogan Cohen has always had a special place in her heart for storytelling, which has provided her a safe place to listen, learn and laugh over the years.

As a freelance writer, she has been published in various media outlets—from community and grassroots advocacy, to travel literature and personal narrative.

Being a Mother to her two teenage sons, working with Hospice for ten years, and starting Living Legacies Ventura County have been her most gratifying endeavors. To include her recently published book, S.H.E. Share Heal Empower.

Shannon is an advocate of women supporting women and believes stories change the world.

She lives in Del Mar, California with her family.


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074 Arnie Herz


Arnie is an attorney that seeks to bring a balanced exchange of energy during conflict resolutions. He teaches the emotional dynamic of what’s taking place in a conflict. Arnie believes that what we want and what we say we want are often two different things. For instance, what we say we want, does not often bring us joy nor make us content. He feels that the biggest obstacle to get what we want is ourselves. Arnie is able to help his clients by listening intently, helps them to get to know themselves, sheds light on options available to them and enables them to become empowered. He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– center yourself
– be quiet with yourself each day
– get to know yourself
– these steps will bring clarity
– develop courage

Arnie Herz is a lawyer, mediator and speaker. He has delivered over 100 programs and keynotes on topics related to the attorney-client relationship, negotiation, conflict resolution and work-life balance. His work has been covered in numerous publications and he has received a host of acknowledgements and awards from his colleagues.



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073 Stephynie Malik

Stephynie Malik, Executive & Transformational Coach

Stephynie was raised by a single mom with severe mental illness that was unmedicated. She experienced abuse, found out her dad was not her real father, left home at the age of 15, worked 3 jobs, made poor choices and got divorced. Stephynie managed to raise her children as a single mom, while launching and overseeing successful businesses. Her struggles molded her into a woman of empathetic service, gratitude, authenticity, depth of devotion, integrity and knowledge. Stephynie uses her personal struggles to transform people’s lives. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– your past does not define you
– if you can reframe a challenge as a gift, then your whole perspective changes
– if you surround yourself with giants, then you become a giant
– you can do and be anything, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice
– your mindset is everything
– meditate and clear your mind of negative thoughts
– create a morning routine
– set your daily intention

From an entry level sales person fresh out of college, to one of the youngest Directors in the Silicon Valley at a Publicly Held company (now private), to the CEO of a 500+ person software integrator at the age of 28, to founding a Global IT consulting firm at the age of 32, Stephynie Malik has a tremendous amount of experience and an undeniable track record of success. She’s spearheaded and orchestrated multi-million dollar acquisitions, closed global deals and strategic partnerships in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars realm and was successful in single handedly growing her consulting firm into a global leader.  As the founder and driving force behind MalikCo, Stephynie Malik brings over two decades of dynamic IT consulting experience to her role as President and
Chief Executive Officer. Now, as the founder of Chique Speak, she is making it happen again… from Technology Consulting to Human Consulting Stephynie Malik is crushing it globally just as we expected her to do!  Her creative vision and business acumen have been instrumental in building the highly regarded global business that is MalikCo today. Her entrepreneurial spirit, backed by years of experience in enterprise software and telecommunications companies and her drive to create long-term relationships with clients has helped her forge strong associations with the industry’s most widely respected IT leaders.  Stephynie recently founded ChiqueSpeak.com and is in the midst of launching
yet another specialty firm designed to ignite men to their true potential on every level. Stephynie Malik does not play small. In her first month in launching ChiqueSpeak, she was inundated with over 400 applications from Executives and Entrepreneurs all over the world. Her coaching style is real… not fluffy. It is proven and tried through all industry leaders and her countless awards speak for themselves.





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072 Joe Bauer

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Joe ran a very successful personal training business, with multiple locations. He was training high end executives in New York. However, something was missing. He felt that he wasn’t giving back enough to others. Regardless how others chose to see him, Joe sold his business and moved back into his parents’ home in Seattle. This simplification helped him focus on what he is most passionate about; coaching, teaching and empowering others in fitness. Joe shares this wisdom:
– have clear intentions
– be focused
– seek the guidance of mentors
– things take time
– don’t give up, stay with it







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071 Freddy Negrete

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Freddy grew up in the LA gangster culture and went to prison, where he learned to tatoo. His youngest son was murdered in a gang confllict. He felt guilty, fell apart, started using drugs, went to prison, was diagnosed with congestive heart failures, had 3 heart attacks, thought he was going to die in jail, prayed and asked for more time. Freddy joined a rehab program, learned to live with son’s death, dedicated his life to make his son proud and chose to be an example to his living son. He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– no matter how low you’ve come, there’s always hope
– if you want change, there is hope and treatment, you just have to want it
– approach things with an open heart

Legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete is best known for his pioneering black-and-gray tattoo style, honed while serving time in the California State Prison system during a youth mired in abuse, gang life, and drug addiction. His “prison-style” designs eventually found their way out onto the streets of East LA and, in 1980, he created a piece that earned him a Tattoo Artist of the Year award. Freddy has been featured in the History Channel’s Marked series, in the documentary Tattoo Nation, on Spike TV’s Inkmaster as a guest judge, and in numerous print and online media. He has worked as a technical consultant and tattoo artist on over 30 Hollywood films including Batman, Blade, Con Air, Falling Down and Austin Powers. He currently works at The Shamrock Social Club on the Sunset Strip with his son, Isaiah and has been a volunteer counselor at the Beit T’Shuvah residential treatment center for eight years. His memoir, Smile Now, Cry Later, cowritten with Steve Jones, was released in 2016.




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