I’m passionate about stories and empowerment. So, I’m currently offering the following services. If you’re ready to proceed, please click the ‘Pay with PayPal’ button, where you’ll be directed to PayPal to finalize your purchase. I will contact you to provide your requested service. If you still have a question, please message me via the contact page.

Empowerment Coaching

I will provide empowerment coaching over Zoom. 55 minutes.

120.00 $

Website Consultation

I will provide guidance and consultation on your ( website over Zoom. 55 minutes.

120.00 $

Promotion on Website

I will promote you on my website for an entire calendar month.

200.00 $

Promotion on Podcast

I will promote you on each episode of my podcast for an entire calendar month (4 episodes).

300.00 $

Expedite Podcast Release

I currently have a backlog of episodes to be released. I will expedite the editing, production and publication of your interview to be within 30 calendar days of your purchase date.

300.00 $

Design/Develop Website

I will develop a new website (using 5 pages. Excludes domain registration, private registration and hosting.

500.00 $