Hi, I’m Sean.  I am the host of the Stories that Empower Podcast.  Here’s the ‘story’ behind  my podcast.  I took my dad to a pub, where nearby clients were immediately drawn to and fascinated by his life stories and experiences.  As the evening wore on, people were saddened that he was departing and therefore no longer able to enjoy his stories.  I had the following awareness.

First, each of us has a story.  Throughout our lives, from childhood to adulthood, we are drawn to stories.  It’s what connects us.  As Terry Laszlo-Gopadze reminds us in her book, “stories link lives”.

Second, we’ve all experienced setbacks and challenges.  Loss of a job, loss of identity, loss of a loved one, etc …  I want people to know they are not alone and that there is hope/light.  It brings me so much joy, if/when I’m able to ‘lift up’ someone or empower them.  My goal is to provide a service that brings inspiration, hope and empowerment through the power of stories.

Sean / Host / Stories that Empower / Podcast