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Summary:  Your 15-20min audio (not video) interview will be pre-recorded (not live) on Zoom.  I ask you the 3 questions below.  Your interview will be available for public download (e.g. via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google, Facebook).

Benefits:  There is no cost (at this time) to be a guest speaker on my podcast.  I will promote your passion/product/service to all of my podcast listeners and those who follow me.

Interview:  I will ask you these 3 questions:  1) Please share a story of hope, inspiration and empowerment.  2) What did you learn from that experience?  3) What advice do you have for listeners that may be experiencing what you went through?

Legal stuff:  the podcast guest agrees to these terms and conditions.  The podcast guest’s time, expertise and services are provided pro-bono, e.g. the podcast guest is not compensated.  The podcast guest will be recorded.  The podcast guest’s interview will be available for public download (including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Facebook, …).  The podcast host may need to edit the interview audio file(s).  The podcast host determines when the interview will be aired (e.g. go live).  Each guest will be subscribed to receive emails offering services/promotions, which can be unsubscribed at any time.

Next steps:  Schedule your interview. I want to present you in the best light possible.  As such, I recommend that you use a computer/laptop and a USB headset (Amazon) for your interview.  I’ll email you a Zoom audio conference link.  Please access the Zoom link 5min prior to your scheduled time.  You do not need to download/install Zoom.  We conduct your interview remotely via the Zoom conference link.