Brooke Warner

I want to praise a wonderful human being, Brooke Warner, who is:

  • the publisher of ‘She Writes Press’
  • the president of Warner Coaching, Inc.
  • the author of several books, including ‘Write On, Sisters!’
  • the host of the popular podcast “Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers”

But what’s more important than her impressive resume, is how compassionate and caring she is.  She’s built a collaborative and supportive community (She Writes Press), where she coaches and mentors writers.  I am very thankful to Brooke for referring so many writers as guests on my podcast.

Brooke has some exciting programs coming up, including an ‘Elevate Your Memoir Boot Camp’ and a ‘Children of the Land’ class.  I invite you to check them out at:



Eileen Sanchez


I want to tell you about a wonderful human being, Eileen Harrison Sanchez.

– is the author of “Freedom Lessons, A Novel”
– is the co-founder of “Prose & the Pandemic” a safe and trusted community on Facebook, that supports authors to showcase their work and helps readers find new books
– served as an educator in public education

What’s more impressive than her resume is her infinite kindness, humility and genuine love to be of service to others. She invited me to collaborate with her. So, together, we now have a shared partnership between “Stories that Empower” and “Prose & the Pandemic”. I couldn’t be prouder.


Freedom Lessons: A Novel Kindle Edition