RV (Randy) Minkler

Hi friends, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Randy on my podcast. He’s got a great sense of humor and is extremely humble. Randy’s strong faith has helped to overcome many challenges. I hope you’ll enjoy his interview, once it is available. To tell you a bit more about him … he is a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, software engineer, private pilot, guitar hobbyist, worship and praise team member, deacon, and joyful traveler. Now retired, he volunteers with the local police department to visit shut-ins, leads a bible study fellowship, and writes fiction. He has written articles for the local flying club, and this story is his debut novel. To find out more about Randy, check out

Amy Turner

Hi friends. I’d like to showcase a gifted and talented author, Amy Turner. She began her career by practicing law, then transitioned to teaching. A vehicle accident propelled her on a remarkable emotional journey to fulfill her lifelong dream to write. You’ve got to check her memoir, On the Ledge. I invite you to browse her website, where you’ll find some wonderful reviews, like these:

“Amy Turner has laid bare her own life, and that of her family, in ways that are alternately heartbreaking, poignant, and transcendent. With a novelist’s skill in terms of interweaving time and theme, and with breathtaking prose, she viscerally conveys the legacy of shame, silence, and grit that comprises her journey to ultimate understanding, forgiveness, and self-revelation. A must-read for anyone interested in families, mental health, and sheer humanity.”

  • Stephen P. Hinshaw, professor and author of Another Kind of Madness: A Journey through the Stigma and Hope of Mental Illness

“In her strong, gracious memoir, On the Ledge, Amy Turner deftly explores anxiety’s pernicious cruelty. The flashes of insight into the toll that anxiety takes on the human spirit are never self-pitying, but constantly poignant and revealing.”

  • Lou Ann Walker, author of A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family

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