Kathy L. Murphy “the Pulpwood Queen”

Hi friends, I’d like to showcase a wonderful human being, Kathy L. Murphy. She is:

– an artist, author and founder of the world’s largest meet and discuss book club, “The International Pulpwood Queens” and “Timber Guys” Book Club
– the Director of Acquisitions at Lucid House Publishing
– hosting her annual book club convention (virtually, of course) January 14-17, where you can expect at least 50 keynote speakers, authors and presenters (you’ve got to check it out!)

But you know what’s even than larger than her book club? It’s her compassion, her big heart and service mindset of ‘giving back’ to others. Kathy feels a sense of duty to enable and empower writers and authors. She feels it’s important for their stories ‘to be heard’, because there’s meaning and value in those stories.

I invite you to check out Kathy and this exciting virtual book club convention coming up at or