I really like your show, Sean.   I respect and appreciate the service that you are providing.  I hope my words will help someone.  You are going to help people.  You are on the side of angels.  Keep it going.


I recently had the blessing of being interviewed by Sean on his “Stories That Empower” podcast about my Executive/Life Coaching practice and about a story from my life that might have impact if heard by others.

Sean has created a vehicle for people like me to discuss the passion surrounding the work we do, but more importantly, created a safe space to share both the joy and pain about the recent journey I shared with my mother who passed away last year.   He gently asked questions that created an environment where I could share my story of love and hope that, as I have heard from his listeners, have already helped others.
We all have our own stories that contain pain, but also hope!  Let Sean guide you to a place of sharing it and help empower others.
Trent Blanchard, M.A.
Skype: Trent4Change

It was my pleasure to do the podcast interview with Sean.  He was an excellent interviewer as he was polite, very professional and immediately put me at ease.  I also felt fortunate to do the interview because of my feeling that if even one individual benefited from what I had to share, then the time invested was more than worthwhile. The one individual that may have benefited from what I had to share may have been you!

If you have some words of wisdom to share that would benefit others, please consider doing a podcast interview with Sean.  You never know who or how your offering might benefit others.
Nicholas Harper, D.C., I.M.E., Q.M.E. (Retired)
Doctor of Chiropractic
Independent Medical Examiner
Qualified Medical Examiner