“You are truly an angel walking among us”.

Kathryn Taylor

“You deserve so much respect for what you are offering the world! Your podcast is much needed and your gentle, sincere approach so rare! Thank you!”

Charlene Jones

“Wow, what a conversation I had with podcaster Sean. Unlike most previous interviews, Sean’s questions took me to a deep place. I actually felt high at the end of our talk. This podcast is a good companion in difficult times.”

Rifka Kreiter

“You have the remarkable talent of making people feel they are the one person you most wanted to speak to and they are filled with the wisdom you most wanted to hear.”

Virginia A. Simpson, PhD, FT

“So cool to see a passion with pure intentions yield such recognition!”

Rebecca Whitehead Munn

“Sean is putting a whole lot of good out into the world.  Once you hear his voice, you will tune in again and again and again to hear all of the stories that empower us.  Welcome to the wonderful wonderful world of people giving and sharing.”

Kathy L. Murphy

“The host Sean interviews people about their life stories. He focuses on their challenges and setbacks and how they overcame them. The podcast is uplifting, interesting, and focused on sending a message of community.”

Mary Helen Sheriff

“It’s always a pleasure to chat with another insightful podcast host who knows how to ask good questions and then listen closely to the answers.  Check out this candid interview on the Stories that Empower podcast.”

Keturah Kendrick

“I really like your show, Sean.   I respect and appreciate the service that you are providing.  I hope my words will help someone.  You are going to help people.  You are on the side of angels.  Keep it going.”


“Sean is AWESOME!! He has so much passion and enthusiasm and is a great host- diving deep and asking the tough questions. It was an honor (and privilege) to chat.”

Jake A. Carlson

“I recently had the blessing of being interviewed by Sean on his “Stories That Empower” podcast about my Executive/Life Coaching practice and about a story from my life that might have impact if heard by others.  Sean has created a vehicle for people like me to discuss the passion surrounding the work we do, but more importantly, created a safe space to share both the joy and pain about the recent journey I shared with my mother who passed away last year.   He gently asked questions that created an environment where I could share my story of love and hope that, as I have heard from his listeners, have already helped others.  We all have our own stories that contain pain, but also hope!  Let Sean guide you to a place of sharing it and help empower others.”

“It was my pleasure to do the podcast interview with Sean.  He was an excellent interviewer as he was polite, very professional and immediately put me at ease.  I also felt fortunate to do the interview because of my feeling that if even one individual benefited from what I had to share, then the time invested was more than worthwhile. The one individual that may have benefited from what I had to share may have been you!

If you have some words of wisdom to share that would benefit others, please consider doing a podcast interview with Sean.  You never know who or how your offering might benefit others.”
Nicholas Harper, D.C., I.M.E., Q.M.E. (Retired)
Doctor of Chiropractic
Independent Medical Examiner
Qualified Medical Examiner