001 Trent Blanchard

Trent shares a very personal and private story about depression and the importance of embracing each day with love and positive intention.

For many years, Trent Blanchard had the experience of pain and suffering in his life, yet knew in his heart it wasn’t supposed to be so darn hard.  He then embarked on the journey of looking at the things that were holding him back from getting what he truly wanted- a life of JOY- and took the necessary steps to make changes.

As a result, his life transformed in miraculous ways, most especially when he learned how to re-perceive the painful experiences of his past. In doing this he found the peace and freedom he always prayed for!  Instantly, he knew this is what he needed to help others do!  The process he followed to healing his life is documented in his book Triple A’s for the Soul-Your Pathway to Personal Freedom.

His goal is simple- to help others remove whatever gets in the way having a life of JOY.

For over 20 years, he has shared words of encouragement, motivation and inspiration with others via his private coaching practice, in recovery centers, in corporate offices and in high schools around the country.  He has an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management, is an ordained Interfaith Minister, has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a Certified Addiction and Anger Management Specialist.


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