010 Allison Francis Barksdale

Allison shares a story that highlights the importance of being honest with ourselves, believing in ourselves and pursuing those goals that make us truly content.

Allison Francis Barksdale is the CEO of RISE LEADERSHIP, LLC, and its subsidiary, Speakers RISE – Leaders RISE. Allison works with women entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leaders to ignite their Power Voice and Speak Up. Through her proprietary system of IMPACT Coaching®, which combines public speaking with leadership and life coaching;  she offers her clients the unique opportunity to grow as speakers, as leaders, and as people. By transforming on the inside, they are better able to advance their business and purpose to make a big impact on the outside.

Allison earned a BA in Communications and French from DePaul University and an Executive MBA from Temple University.  Additionally, she has certifications in Teaching, Human Resources, and Board Leadership. She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach. Allison currently serves as vice president of membership for her local Toastmasters club and as a board member of the Temple University Women’s Network.

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