028 Dermot Breen


Dermot experienced the loss of his spouse. He learned to create something new to focus on and to take him out of that zone. This helped him to create separation from his loss.

Dermot Breen retired as Deputy Chief Executive from the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland in 2016 following the death of his wife, Jacqui, due to ovarian cancer. In 2015 he completed a 1000km walk round the Ulster Way in Northern Ireland and in 2016 he completed a 1000km across the North Coast of Spain following the Camino Del Norte. Both walks were in memory of his wife and also to raise funds for cancer research. To date he has raised over £30,000 (over $40,000). His first book, ‘The Edge: Walking The Ulster Way With My Angels & Demons’ was published in 2017 and he has just completed writing his second, which is based on his Camino experiences. He is a keen walker and surfer and currently resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with his 24 year old daughter. He also has a 26 year old son living in Berlin.


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