042 Amy Ferrara


Amy is a survivor of a house fire, which she calls the fire that saved her. It brought clarity to her daily chronic pain. Through her spiritual strength, a very supportive spouse and trauma therapy, she also made peace with some very difficult experiences as a child. Amy believes that the brain, body and soul work together for your good. She reminds us to shift our perspective, when overcoming a challenge.

Amy Ferrara is a worship leader, public speaker, and stay at home mama to her two children. Amy miraculously survived a house fire and backdraft in 2013 which led to severe PTSD and a life-altering health crisis. Though she still experiences daily chronic pain, she has received true healing by the hands of Jesus. She now has the sacred privilege of sharing her story about the gift of pain and suffering to encourage her brothers and sisters in Christ. Amy is a Texas girl who calls Washington, DC her home with husband Mark and their children, Isabella and Isaac.


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