048 Leah Reinhart


Leah got into drugs and became pregnant, when she was 20.  She turned her life around, which set her on a path that was more constructive and gave her life meaning.  Leah’s story highlights:  face your fears / don’t blame others / you are in control / you have the power to change things / get yourself to that happy place / you attract what you focus your attention on / true love comes from within.

Leah E. Reinhart is a hairstylist, Angel card reader, and now author of her first book Manifesting Me: a Story of Rebellion and Redemption.

Leah has learned the value of the law of attraction and how it works. What you focus your attention, you will attract. Think of riding a bike; you don’t want to hit that big rock, but if you keep looking at 9 times out of 10, you’ll hit it. If you focus where you want to be and look ahead and past the rock on the trail, you’ll more than likely not hit the rock.

When Leah Reinhart was six years old, her family moved to an unlikely neighborhood on a hill much like the country— a place where everyone dressed and lived like they were living a real-life Little House on the Prairie. Yet their new home was in Oakland, Ca, and everything surrounding Leah‘s neighborhood was the polar opposite of their old-fashioned lifestyle. As an already scared little white girl, Leah quickly learned that if she didn’t face her fears in this new town she would get eaten alive. But in her search for acceptance, she unknowingly joined a cult–and she spent much of her life afterward trying to break free of the damaging patterns she was taught.

Phyllis King, author of The Energy Of Abundance says “This is a raw and honest sharing about love, life, and success. Reinhart skillfully takes us through a story that gently teaches that anything is possible if you always point yourself in the direction of love in your life.”





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