104 Diane Bock

Witnessing the 1992 Los Angeles riots and violence on TV, Diane was horrified that people would kill others, because they looked different. Diane decided to do something about it. She established “Community Cousins”, an organization that strives to break down stereotypes, by enabling personal experience and creating friendships across the lines. Diane shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– show up
– start small
– stick with it
– never give up
– you get out, what you put in
– ignoring the inequalities only perpetuates the issues
– live the best life you can with kindness and generosity to others

Diane Birnie Bock grew up in California and graduated from USC with a degree in Business. She started her career in the Marketing Department of Carnation’s London office and then relocated to Grey Advertising, Los Angeles. Next, she served as Executive Publisher of Performance Racing Industry, a trade magazine for the auto racing industry and produced a corresponding trade show. While she and her husband, Larry Bock, raised their two daughters – Quincy and Tasha – she founded Community Cousins, a non‐profit aimed at fighting racism by matching families of different races to become “Cousins” as a means toward Re‐Defining US and THEM.



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