123 Chris Badgett

Living in a remote area of Alaska, Chris realized that it was not conducive to a young family. So, he left his good paying job. Chris didn’t know what he was going to do. It wasn’t easy.  Chris felt compelled and called to go in a new direction. He eventually found traction. He gives credit for his ability to operate on limited income. Chris shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– when transition a life change, there’s a delay that you have to survive
– as you change, you need to go through a period with a blank canvas to create value for others
– strive to have a mindset to survive and endure
– stay focus on providing value and assistance to others
– empty your cup and make space to work on a new venture
– step outside your current identity
– you can reinvent yourself
– we are more malleable than we think
– we don’t have to fit into a box
– transcend and include
– you can add a new tribe with the people you run with
– time is of essence
– having a sense of urgency can help you get unstuck
– go after what you are passionate about

Chris Badgett is the Founder and CEO of LifterLMS.  Chris started learning about online education on a glacier in Alaska. He’s created courses on everything from organic gardening to wood working. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurial educators find success and create impact.


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