126 Allison Francis Barksdale


When Allison was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she chose not to see it as a broken wing. She began to see herself as the perfect person that she is. Allison feels compelled to share her experience with others, so they can share their magnificence with the world. She does this by encouraging them to be authentic, have integrity, accept and like who they are. Also, Allison recognizes that there may be stigmas associated with mental health illness. She is on journey to change that perspective and to encourage us to love and accept people for who they are. Allison shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– something good can come from everything
– there is power in truth
– when you build a muscle in one area, you can use it in other areas and also help others grow
– meditate
– practice self care
– surround yourself with a trusted circle
– be open and accepting of people to allow them to be who they are
– let’s be mindful not to judge others without knowing their stories
– if you feel that you may have a mental health illness, seek the help of a mental health professional

Allison Francis Barksdale is the CEO of RISE LEADERSHIP, LLC. She is an accomplished leader and public speaker with more than twenty-five years of professional experience in service management, strategic planning, training and leadership development.  After a successful career in convention center management, Allison retired early to begin her entrepreneurial journey. To supplement her new business, she started substitute teaching when she was not coaching, consulting or speaking.

Working in the schools has given Allison an even bigger WHY. “The future of our youth is at stake, and by extension, our collective future. Teacher turnover is endemic and our competitiveness as a country is declining. Many school campuses are tense and some are toxic. I know that I am being called to make a difference in strengthening our collective future.”

Partnering with educators, Allison now shares Time To Teachâ„¢ strategies to help teachers teach, students learn, and schools succeed!



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