129 Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers jumping across the screen as Paralympian representing USA baby

Tanner’s spouse experienced postpartum depression due to the physical hardship. Tanner was doing his best to support his extended family, work and attend graduate school. This put a lot strain on their relationship. They even considered divorce. Tanner shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
-our most precious asset is time
– when you’re feeling negative, take a deep breath, reflect on what you’ve done and refocus
– come to the table with a clear conscience
– remember how much you love someone
– the work is all worthwhile
– you are not alone
– we are human and we make mistakes
– step up
– take responsibility
– let it go
– get centered

Tanner Gers is a US Paralympian in Track and Field, 2X National Cycling Champion, and the greatest hitter in Beep Baseball (baseball for the blind)! He is a TEDx speaker, author, Executive Director of My Blind Spot, and has been known to be seen hanging out at the White House!

Tanner teaches people inspiring methods responsible for him becoming a professional athlete, US Paralympian, successful published author, and business owner. You will takeaway exactly how to achieve success in life quicker, influentially lead with purpose, and dominate as the Super Hero of your own life.



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