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Linda A. Curtis - Author, Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker, Mentor

When Linda left the religion that she was raised in, she was shunned by her community and even her family. Initially, it was hard, as Linda felt alone. However, she eventually found ‘her people’, that helped her to feel more aligned with her beliefs and values. Today, Linda feels more connected to spirit and the divine that ever before. By losing her religion, she found herself. Linda shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– follow your heart
– don’t underestimate how strong and resilient you are
– find others that are going through the same challenge as you
– if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t
– keep going
– reach out to others
– you are not alone
– your people are out there

Facts About Linda

  • International Keynote Speaker and Teacher
  • 20 years of corporate experience
  • 16 years experience as an executive coach and consultant
  • Master Mindfulness Teacher at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, the ground-breaking science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence program developed at Google
  • Held a variety of leadership positions at U.S. Bank and The Harris Bank
  • While at Visa USA (now Visa, Inc.) Linda and her team negotiated multi-million dollar deals with Fortune 500 companies
  • Studied at DePaul University and New Ventures West
  • Certified ICF Coach
  • Yogini, cat lover, wine enthusiast, chocoholic




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