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Janna experienced grief in her midlife and her internal dialogue felt interrupted. She spent two weeks in a casita (a small house) by herself, where she made room for and listened for what was being said. What Janna heard was profound, empowering, inspiring and affirming. She realized that she was not experiencing a midlife crisis, but rather grief as we say goodbye to things. Today, Janna helps others to redefine who they are in midlife, helps with changes related to their identities and facilitates new ways of feeling and thinking about themselves. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– practice forgiveness, grace and self compassion
– be kind to yourself
– be cognizant of the expectations you put on yourself
– be still and listen to your inner voice
– acknowledge what voice is saying
– make room for your voice without judgement and expectation
– allow yourself to make room to listen, nurture, love and receive

A thing to know is that Janna’s life passion and work consistently revolve around expression through words and images. She calls herself a ‘Wordstress.’ She perceives the world through words and images, and that’s the way she expresses and depicts the human experience. For the first time in her life, she feels tremendous freedom and curiosity, trying new forms of writing and photography, with uncertainty a welcomed part of the adventure.

Janna recently published her first book, “Me My Selfie & Eye – A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief & Seeing Who You Are.” She’s proud of what it shares, how it’s helped people feel less alone, and how it truly resonates with both men and women. This was a major accomplishment, especially because she never thought she’d write a book. Which is why Janna understands people’s fears and hesitation about writing. She. Totally. Gets. IT! And she will be beside you every single step of the way.

She hosts a weekly podcast, “Eyedentity Talk” where she talks about identity, love, and the universe with dynamic, diverse people from all walks of life. Her enlivened conversations go DEEP!


Me, My Selfie and Eye

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