159 Mary Stein

Mary was the second illegitimate child of a single unconventional mother. She did not have the money to attend college, so she took a job as a stripper. Mary took the grim descent into the underworld. Fortunately, she met someone, got married, attended college and finished her university degree. Then, one day, her husband died at the age of 33. Mary and her young son were left with nothing to live on. She knew that she couldn’t afford to give up, she had to keep it together, as she was her son’s only support. Mary feels that education helped her to claw her way out of poverty. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– seek to have honest and equitable relationships
– our ability and desire to learn is primary
– travel activates our mind and senses

Mary C. K. Stein is a #MeToo octogenarian who started life as a Rust Belt farmgirl and learned the hard way the pitfalls that await the poor and unprotected in their quest for upward social mobility. After working for Bell Telephone, and then as a stripper in a mob-operated show lounge, and after that as a substitute teacher in an underserved middle school in Brooklyn, she began teaching AP/IB English abroad. That work took her to six countries on five continents: Greece, Egypt, Venezuela, China, Panama, and Taiwan. She wrote Fatherless, Fearless, Female in the hopes that it will give the current women’s movements their own embodiment


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