164 Rosemary Keevil

Losing her brother to AIDS and her spouse to cancer, planted seeds of addiction in Rosemary. She felt that was surviving from crisis management. Rosemary shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– we need an outlet for our emotions
– exercise helps us to cope
– accept that it’s time to grieve
– the only way past it is through it
– the edges will soften in time
– seek a relationship with a high power
– one cannot do it alone


tags: Rosemary, Keevil, author, writer, The, Art, of, Losing, It, Memoir, Grief, Addiction, storiesthatempower.com, story, stories, that, empower, empowering, empowerment, inspire, inspiring, inspiration, encourage, encouraging, encouragement, hope, light, podcast, Sean

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