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Akshay Nanavati On The Advantage of Fear | AMP #234 – Aubrey Marcus

As a former US Marine tasked with locating explosive devices, Akshay experienced Post Traumatic Stress, depression and drug/alcohol addiction. He studied neuroscience as he was fascinated by it. Akshay learned that he is not defined by a disorder and refuses to accept it. His divorce caused him to break his sobriety. He decided to go ‘within’ on inward journey. So, Akshay spent 7 days in complete darkness, stillness and silence. Confronting his struggles, suffering and pain brought him closer to bliss and enlightenment. Akshay shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– we transcend what is
– seek out your fears
– our greatness, bliss and enlightenment reside on the other side of pain
– we cannot fully experience the light until we’ve gone into the dark
– self transcendence is the essence of enlightenment
– conscious stillness is necessary for our growth
– develop a positive experience with adversity and pain
– remove your attachment of your self identity to the experience of the challenge
– be with what is, but do not become what is
– serve others
– find your ‘worthy struggle’
– you’re not defined by your pain


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