176 Sande Boritz Berger


As a mother to two young children, Sande went through a divorce. She felt disconnect. Sande sought help from a community of like-minded people. She knew she had to change herself and become strong. Sande noticed that a new part of her life was beginning. She felt fulfilled while reconnecting with her creativity, poetry and art work. Sande shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:

– writing helps us to see the light
– challenge your fears
– life can be beautiful
– believe in yourself
– know your heart
– speak to those that you trust
– you don’t need to go through it alone



tags: Sande, Boritz, Berger, writer, author, Split, Level, The, Sweetness, novel, story, stories, that, empower, empowering, empowerment, inspire, inspiring, inspiration, encourage, encouraging, encouragement, hope, light, podcast, Sean

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