192 Laurel Mintz

Laurel was studying to become an attorney, but realized that she didn’t enjoy it. Then, out of the blue, she had to put things on hold to run her father’s furniture company, as he was fighting cancer. She taught herself how to run his company through the school of hard knocks. Fortunately, her father survived the cancer. After leaving her father’s business, she discovered that marketing resonated with her, as she found it to be collaborative, creative and problem solving. Today, she helps organizations and businesses to ‘elevate’ their brands through her successful marketing services. She shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– sometimes, you need to get out of your own way
– determine how to get out of fear and into curiosity, which often leads to opportunity
– you don’t have to do it alone
– ask for help
– surround yourself with a trusted circle, such as an advisory board
– being vulnerable and transparent enables growth personally and professionally

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