200 Connie Bombaci

Connie Bombaci - Author - Husky Trail Press | LinkedIn

Connie was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease. She was introduced to a pup that was neglected, abused, beaten and starved. Connie saw opportunities that were endless through his eyes. She realized that there were no boundaries to his love and hope. This gave Connie inspiration to try. She came to learn hope and not give up. Connie shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– you are worthy of true love
– through our suffering, we develop perseverance
– perseverance leads to character
– character leads to hope
– let’s strive to see our trials and tribulations as gifts
– great blessings belong to those that are sad
– the only way to multiply love is to divide it
– offer unconditional love
– be kind to yourself and others
– love yourself no matter what
– accept yourself despite your differences and because of your uniqueness
– believe that everything is possible for one who believes
– with hope, anything is possible
– children have pure, untarnished souls
– accept challenges with the confidence that you can succeed
– there’s a difference between happiness and joy
– joy fills our hearts
– share hope with others
– accept the things we can change and those we can’t
– being different makes us special and gives us strength
– be open to find hope in the most unexpected places


Hogan's Hope: Bombaci, Connie: 9781532014604: Amazon.com: Books

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