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Irene O'Garden - Author, Glad To Be Human: Adventures in Optimism — Seek The Joy Podcast

When Irene was younger, she overate and had body image issues. She played with alternatives. Then, at the age of 62, Irene went on a wilderness journey, where she took risks. Those experiences provided her with tremendous healing. She realized that we have tremendous love for one another. Irene shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– where we focus on creates the reality that we experience
– we are meant to risk
– we are meant to grow
– be present in the moment
– feel the breath
– we are meant to be here
– we can regain our balance
– let things flow through you
– physical activity is a powerful way of healing
– we are meant to move
– contribute and serve
– kindness is infinite
– spread joy
– it’s within our power to inspire ourselves and others
– we get what we focus on
– it matters what we are watching, saying, thinking
– our thoughts create our experiences
– it’s about how we focus our attention
– we make the choice where we put our attention
– we are practicing optimists
– know that your healthy self is right there with you
– habits can be changed
– experiment with getting into nutrition
– allow yourself to take steps towards the self that you physically want to create
– let your body begin to tell you what it wants


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