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239: Matthew Korban—Restore Balance To Your Life Without Compromise - On the Brink with Andi Simon | Lyssna här | Poddtoppen.se

Growing up in a war torn region of the world and hiding in shelters, Matt knew what it was like to lack safety and security. To provide for his family and give his kids a decent childhood, he worked 17 hour days. Matt lived an unhealthy and unbalanced life, where he weighed 400 pounds. He was given 5 months to live. That moment changed his life. Matt realized that people needed him and he wasn’t there for them. He felt scared. Matt asked for a second chance, which he got. Today, he lives a balanced life and teaches others how to achieve it as well. Matt shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– we go back to our comfort zone
– we need balance in our lives
– asking for help is not weakness
– maintain balance without compromising career
– being healthy is a life style
– we start with the purest intentions
– sometimes, pure intention turn to pride
– sometimes, you have to allow things to take care of themselves
– it takes courage to ask for help
– let it go
– the ‘why’ is the most important question
– reach out for help


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