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Dr. Stacee began her transition into a transgender woman at 19 years old. Growing up, she was humiliated, was treated as ‘other’ and felt ‘less than’. Dr. Stacee’s ‘family of choice’ supported her as she persevered. Now, she lives out and identifies herself as transgender and helps others move through their own experiences. Dr. Stacee shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– let go of your past
– live your life in an authentic way
– free yourself from roles defined by others
– notice when those things come back up, but we are resilient
– our own experiences of being cast out seeded our creativity
– Dr. Stacee shares these 4 tools to transform our own experiences of ‘otherness’:
1 clarity, become clear on how it’s impacting us
2 compassion, forgive ourselves
3 creativity, it’s our path out of it
4 sass, this is how we move forward


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