234 Grace Sammon

Listen to her story!

Grace’s story is about never really being done. She was sexually abused by a family friend and a Catholic priest. Initially, Grace felt that her voice didn’t matter. After her spouse and her job let her go, she created a new ‘her’ and launched into becoming an entrepreneur. This empowered Grace to give voice to those that didn’t have one and to turn to writing as she felt it was her personal best voice. She shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– let’s listen to each others’ stories
– your voice matters
– strive to give voice to those that don’t have one
– if you’re lucky enough, turn your scars into stars
– we’re never really done
– strive to be observant and reflective of your life
– be patient with yourself
– this is a journey, not a rehearsal
– find a place where you are well grounded
– create a posse, who has your back
– we are much more than we imagine we are
– miracles happen every day
– trudge, trudge, miracle


The Eves: Sammon, Grace: 9798648947207: Amazon.com: Books

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