236 Debra Bowling

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Debra shares a story of how she overcame the trauma of living with a mother with mental illness and an alcoholic father. Positive people in her life, including her grandmother, aunt and counselor helped her to stabilize herself as she was navigating through the hard times. Debra became aware that it was something that happened to her, not something she did. This enabled her to have the confidence that she can work through it and opened doors, where she can help others. Debra shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

– there’s a world much bigger than the small places we thought we are in
– find your way
– sometimes, what we’re meant to do force us to confront the things that we thought we couldn’t
– face the fears and pains of the past so you can heal
– forgive others
– find a way forward
– heal the pieces that are wounded to have a full life
– consider seeking professional help and counseling
– healing takes a while
– find the right support group


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