256 Diana Kuperschmit

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Diana shares how she got a second chance at life; reclaiming her daughter, Emma, after she was up for adoption. Her memoir, Emma’s Laugh, is a tribute to her daughter’s beautiful story, as she was unconditional love and joy incarnate. Diana shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– be in the moment
– find your voice
– you are enough
– sometimes there is joy where you least expect it
– gifts can come in different packages
– we can learn a lot from our children
– special needs children can teach compassion to their siblings
– create your own village of friends and family
– you are not alone
– seek out your people
– what we fear can be luminescent and joyful


Emma's Laugh: The Gift of Second Chances - A Memoir: Kupershmit, Diana: 9781647421120: Books - Amazon

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