260 Priscilla Schelp

Listen to her story!

Experiencing unemployment was initially challenging for Priscilla, as she had come to identify herself with her career. She decided to stretch outside of her comfort zone, learn new skills, reinvent herself and be of service to others. These led her to land new opportunities. Priscilla shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:
– if you stay open, life can guide you to where you belong
– use your strengths
– be authentic and have good intentions
– listen to others and figure out what they need
– it’s about lifelong learning
– reinvent yourself
– dare to try something new
– find your hidden passions
– be open to new opportunities
– stay connected with your network
– we don’t fail because we’re not good enough … we fail because we think we’re not good enough
– it’s about mindset
– connect with like-minded people
– support others and accept help
– reinvent yourself
– seek what you’re passionate about


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