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Even though Julia lost relationships that were meaningful to her, by letting go and pivoting, she found a new community of support. As a mom, it was important for her to protect and provide for her children. So, Julia got outside of her comfort zone and embarked a new journey to build her own home. She shares the following nuggets of wisdom:
– follow our hearts
– ask ourselves what we really want
– make space to feel whatever is there
– incorporate meditation
– return to breath
– let go of perfect and get messy
– build from our hearts
– embody our creative hearts
– find builder buddies
– in life, we’re constructing our reality
– asking for help is not a sign of weakness
– surround ourselves with a team
– we find connection through vulnerabilities


Under Construction: Healing Trauma While Building My Dream: Harriet, Julia: 9781737724308: Amazon.com: Books

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