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It was lovely to speak with Susanne Conrad, co-developer of lululemon’s leadership culture and founder of Lightyear Leadership. She is genuine, warm, kind and a powerful force. No wonder why people and organizations gravitate towards her. Susanne shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– forgive yourself
– believe in yourself
– don’t give up
– stay in self gratitude and self love
– release the bondage around your story that holds you back, so it can transform to become one that empowers
– we are all multi-dimensional
– hold the picture steady even when we have an anti-vision
– let others know who you’re becoming
– find those in your life that embrace you as you grow through life’s bumps
– use your inner hearing
– nature shows up the creative process
– to empower yourself, empower others


Get There Now: Transform Yourself and the World Through Laughter, Listening, and the Power of Choice: Conrad, Susanne: 9781632993991: Amazon.com: Books

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