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Susan Thistle talks about “The Memory of All That: A Love Story about Alzheimer’s”, by Mary MacCracken, and finishing this book for her mother, who died before completing it. It’s a story of unconditional love.  Susan shares the following nuggets about dealing with Alzheimer’s or other hard times.
– you can’t handle it all by yourself
– look for support
– be supportive of each other
– believe in each other
– be part of small gatherings
– have great loving relationships
– encourage and believe in what others do
– break problems in small pieces
– try to be resourceful
– think about what you can do
– set up supports you may need early on

The book has recently been selected as a 2022 Sarton Women’s Book Award Finalist for Best Memoir.


Amazon.com: The Memory of All That: A Love Story about Alzheimer's eBook : MacCracken, Mary: Books

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