319 Donna Stoneham

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When Donna’s mother passed away, she realized that it wasn’t the end of their relationship.  She feels that her mother is still present in her life and continues to give her wisdom and guidance.  Donna shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

– when someone we love dies, our relationship doesn’t have to end
– keep our hearts and minds open
– power of love to transcend even life and death
– heaven is a place of immeasurable love
– grief opens a bigger space, so more love can come in
– create heaven on earth
– live in love
– never give up on a relationship
– forgiveness can happen
– unlikely teachers may end up to change the world
– our work is to build our capacity to love
– there’s light in darkness if we’re open and present
– love is such a powerful force
– sometimes people have to leave our lives, so that we can express our greatest gifts
– life never ends


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