341 DeeAnne Rose Hope Riendeau

Rev. DeeAnne Rose Hope Riendeau HADM, PIDP | LinkedIn

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DeeAnne had near death experiences, where she felt orbs of light and felt angels communicating with her.  This validated her experience, where she was able to stand in her truth.  Deeann helps others go on their inward journeys and not be afraid to express it to the world.  She shares the following nuggets of life wisdom:

  • search for purpose and meaning
  • we have a purpose
  • we can choose it
  • choose to be curious
  • look at the world through an energetic lens
  • become an observer
  • see the world in energy space
  • set intention to clear our energy
  • go the inward journey
  • fill the soul bank first
  • we are all gifted
  • service does not have to mean sacrifice


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