133 Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy

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Growing in a family of 9 children, Cheryl learned that ‘many hands make light work’. Her parents empowered their children, then watched them rise to the occasion. Cheryl shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– train children, then trust them
– don’t do for children, what they can do for themselves
– the past can live on in memory as a source of strength
– recite comforting prayers/mantra/sayings that calm and energize you
– you are loved and will find love again

Cheryl and her eight siblings grew up with a paintbrush in their hands and a song in their hearts. As soon as they were old enough to wrench a nail out of ancient lumber―so it could be used again―they were put to work renovating old houses in Ames, Iowa. Cheryl’s growing-up years included babysitting for a local family that kept a lion as a pet. A real, adolescent-aged lion. Uncaged. Using a flyswatter to defend herself, she survived the lion, and today is a freelance journalist for The Wall Street Journal as well as the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. The Tribune distributes her articles to hundreds of newspapers and websites around the country, such as The Seattle Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sentinel. McCarthy holds an MBA from City University in London and a bachelor’s in journalism from Iowa State University. She lives in Bellingham, Washington.


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