009 Clarence Brown

Clarence discusses the importance of being spiritually connected, of being mindful and how to balance one’s energy.

Clarence L. Brown is a licensed acupuncturist with over 17 years of experience. Using a balancing approach to his treatments and recovery, he has come to understand that we must balance our spiritual lives as well as our physical lives in order to achieve good health. Clarence is a Tai Chi instructor and has also studied various martial arts, with over 30 years of studying these disciplines. Tai Chi is an inner meditation and must be felt to be mastered.

Wanting to understand the spiritual side of himself, Clarence set out on a journey of trying to understand the balance between peace and love. His studies over the last 7 years have led to his first manuscript on this subject titled; Have We Lost Our Spiritual Connection? This manuscript is about self-discovery of our oneness and how we are all connected.

Whether by studying, teaching, or lecturing on the disciplines of life, he has been greatly rewarded for his efforts for he has come to understand his spiritual connection and his purpose of being.

Life is good, life is simple, life is truth, and life is love. 

With this understanding, you can never go wrong.

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