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When difficulties happen, Tricia believes that it is not an end, but rather a beginning.  Also, if our map changes, we should trust and believe where we are being led.

In addition to working in the entertainment industry, Tricia Brouk applies her expertise as a director and writer for film, television and theater to the art of Big Talks and Keynotes. She nurtures speakers using the same techniques she does with actors by guiding them to become their most vulnerable selves in order to truly connect with their audience. She offers speakers a new point of view on what a Big Talk can be and how to achieve their goal, and often times, their dream, of taking a Big stage. She’s the Executive Producer of TEDxLincolnSquare has worked on Black Box on ABC, The Affair on Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and received a Golden Thumb award from Roger Ebert for her work John Turturro’s Romance and Cigarettes, where she worked closely with James Gandolfini and Kate Winslet. The series she directed, Sublets, won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web-Festival, The I Love New York Award at The New York Web Fest and Official Selection at The LA Web Festival. She’s written two musicals, a play, a sitcom pilot, and is currently writing a show called Mothers and Daughters based on interviews she’s had with women from the ages of 12-90. You can listen to Tricia’s podcast The Big Talk on iTunes where she interviews people who talk for a living.

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