023 Omar Zenhom


When seeking a new goal, Omar reminds us to make it a priority, be patient, hold ourselves accountable and get a fresh perspective.

Omar Zenhom loves rooting for the underdog and telling it like it is. He is the business brains behind the operation with over 14 years of business building experience. An educator & university manager for 13 years. Omar attended Wharton business school and dropped out in frustration to build The $100 MBA. They’re on a mission to revolutionize business education forever. Omar is the curriculum developer, content creator & head instructor at The $100 MBA. He also loves 80’s music & high-fives.

Omar is also the Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja.  Webinars are best way to connect with potential customers and and make more sales. So he decided to create a solution to save him the headaches every time he ran a webinar. After a couple of months, his very first version of WebinarNinja was born.  He started using it for his webinars and the webinar attendees loved it. They started asking him, “What software are you using to run this webinar? Can I buy it?”

After that webinar, he had his first 150 users.

Today, over a million people use WebinarNinja as both hosts and attendees.  He helps businesses in every niche, from fitness to real estate to home decor.

His aim is to make the tech of webinars disappear in the background so we can just focus on what we do best, share our expertise with others.



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