012 Rima the Jungle Girl

Rima the Jungle Girl shares a story about envisioning her dream (despite the challenges), being bold enough to pursue it and now living the life of her dream.

Since 2012, she’s been traveling and living in Costa Rica.  She believes in positivity, education, activism, and above all, wildness. When we remove yourself from the distraction and chaos of modern technology and culture, we become clear channels and forces of change in this world.  She’s a licensed marriage and family therapist, using coaching to inspire and activate.  She’s a yoga teacher, informing her life with movement, meditation, and breath.  She’s an entrepreneur, leveraging the potential of businesses to do good in this world.  She’s an advocate for all things vegan, natural & herbal. She aims to inspire and to show others that living a life in alignment with ethics, morals, and nature is not only possible, but essential, for the successful progression of our species.  She LIVES in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica with her black cat, Zuko, & her boyfriend, Russell.  She doesn’t take myself too seriously, and she loves people that can laugh at themselves as well!

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