013 Jamie Irvine

Jamie shares his story of drug addiction and how he overcame it.

As the founder of the Blueprint of Greatness, a School for Entrepreneurs, Jamie Irvine has the opportunity to use his entrepreneurial experience to teach small business owners how to build a great business.

He’s truly passionate about teaching small business owners how to transform their experience from frustration to greatness. You can take the free edition of the course Blueprint of a Great Business.

He’s been a guest on world-class podcasts such as Enthead, Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling, Sales Babble, Unshackled Owner, EOFire, and Contracting Coachcast.

He’s also a Sales Account Manager for Artic Truck Parts, a heavy duty parts distributor in the commercial vehicle industry. In this role, he personally oversees over $2 million dollars in annual sales and manage B2C social selling campaigns for my branch. His experience in this industry spans 20 years.

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