074 Arnie Herz


Arnie is an attorney that seeks to bring a balanced exchange of energy during conflict resolutions. He teaches the emotional dynamic of what’s taking place in a conflict. Arnie believes that what we want and what we say we want are often two different things. For instance, what we say we want, does not often bring us joy nor make us content. He feels that the biggest obstacle to get what we want is ourselves. Arnie is able to help his clients by listening intently, helps them to get to know themselves, sheds light on options available to them and enables them to become empowered. He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– center yourself
– be quiet with yourself each day
– get to know yourself
– these steps will bring clarity
– develop courage

Arnie Herz is a lawyer, mediator and speaker. He has delivered over 100 programs and keynotes on topics related to the attorney-client relationship, negotiation, conflict resolution and work-life balance. His work has been covered in numerous publications and he has received a host of acknowledgements and awards from his colleagues.



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