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Shannon Hogan Cohen

Shannon is an advocate of women. She uses storytelling to share, heal and empower others. Shannon experienced depression and anxiety, due to her alcoholic father, the lost of her dad at 11 and the abandonment of her mother. When her grandmother, Rosie, used to read books to her as a child, she shared a special bond, felt safe, learned that each story offered a meaning and a purpose. Shannon wanted to continue that legacy. Her dialogue with women provides connection, consolation and healing. Shannon wants others to know they are not alone, there is no need to experience silent suffering nor take secrets to the grave. She honors women, because of their resilience, courage and those that would normally never get the recognition they deserve. Shannon’s book “Share, Heal and Empower” is a celebration of women. She shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– you are not alone
– share your story, as it an be therapeutic
– all stories matter
– use your wounds as your wisdom
– we are far more alike, than different
– there is redemptive value in vulnerability
– it takes courage to accept the pain of the past

Shannon Hogan Cohen has always had a special place in her heart for storytelling, which has provided her a safe place to listen, learn and laugh over the years.

As a freelance writer, she has been published in various media outlets—from community and grassroots advocacy, to travel literature and personal narrative.

Being a Mother to her two teenage sons, working with Hospice for ten years, and starting Living Legacies Ventura County have been her most gratifying endeavors. To include her recently published book, S.H.E. Share Heal Empower.

Shannon is an advocate of women supporting women and believes stories change the world.

She lives in Del Mar, California with her family.


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