076 Connie Bombaci

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Connie’s mother taught her that all living beings and creatures are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance. Rescuing a deaf and malnourished dog, Hogan, and nursing him back to health, taught her how to hope through suffering, which leads to perseverance and develops great character and confidence. Connie shares the message of hope with others. She imparts these nuggets of life wisdom:

– you are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance
– open your heart fully
– life offers hope to overcome any challenge
– once we choose hope, anything is possible
– choose to persevere
– see your life as a journey
– use your faith to center you
– refocus and recenter on your purpose
– reach out to someone in need of hope

Connie Bombaci, a first-time author and retired educator, is resolute in her love for animals, belief in the worthiness of all God’s creations, and desire to provide encouragement no matter what the challenge. Connie is an optimist and compassionate person whose Christian faith guides her to believe in the extreme goodness and immeasurable importance of every being. Her love for animals began in childhood and developed from her desire to be kind. She has enjoyed many adopted pets throughout her lifetime, especially ones that have needed help, rescuing domestic and wild orphaned, injured, or abandoned animals. Her desire for others to believe in the value of themselves led her to become an educator where she worked fervently to increase young peoples’ confidence and belief in themselves, despite any difficulty. She offered hope where frustration and failure seemed inevitable. While serving as a teacher and associate principal in a Connecticut public school system, she took great pleasure working within its community, finding it especially fulfilling to encourage and support her students and coworkers.
Connie grew up in a suburban neighborhoold outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Jim, and their two rescued pups in the rustic, puppy-friendly home that Jim built on their five-acre “piece of Heaven.” She is also surrounded by the love of four children, son-in-law, ten grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.
Hogan’s life is a story of success despite the odds. In her book Connie shares his story and the message that hope can be found in the kind and generous hearts of gracious people and that everyone is worthy of love and acceptance.


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