082 Garine Isassi


Garine felt she didn’t fit in a rural Texas community, as a semi ethnic woman. Then, when she wanted to be involved in the music industry, she realized she was entering a male dominated environment. Garine decided to figure out how to fit and where she fit. She convinced people that she needed ‘to be in the room’. Garine made herself fit through perseverance. She got past stereotypes and moved into why we are here. Garine shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– learn who you are inside
– be persistent
– if you really want something, keep ‘knocking on doors’
– if you feel you don’t belong, then listen intently to the message of the person speaking with you. Often times, this will allow you to see them as an equal. Also, they will feel that you respect, trust and understand them.

Garinè Isassi is the author of the award-winning novel Start with the Backbeat. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, she is a lover of music, chocolate, and altruistic sarcasm. She is of Armenian heritage and grew up with one foot in Texas and the other in New Jersey, battling the stereotypes of all three of those cultures as woman trying to make it in the male-dominated music business (and other industries). 
She currently lives in Maryland with her family, where she works full time in marketing communications, sings in a gospel choir, and is the Workshops Chair for the Gaithersburg Book Festival.



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