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Ed lost his dad, when he was 10yrs of age. His mom single handedly raised 3 children. Ed feels that he was the beneficiary of his mom’s story of empowerment and determination. He strives to model his mom, as a parent. Ed used this podcast interview as the opportunity to publicly thank his mom for her sacrifices and her love for her family. He shares these nuggets of life wisdom:
– it’s ok to make mistakes, as we are human
– let’s strive to forgive ourselves and learn from our mistakes
Ed Ahern often detours into literary fiction, but he’s best known as an innovative genre writer and poet. He’s tucked away several awards and honorable mentions for several of his published seventy-nine short stories, seventy-one poems and three books. The stories have appeared in ten countries and, counting reprints, a hundred sixty-three publications. His stories can be listened to through Audible and the New York Public Library. He started writing fiction at sixty-seven, and poetry at seventy.
His editorial skills are based on a degree in journalism from the University of Illinois and extensive experience at the Providence Journal. Ed’s been honing the skills for several years at Bewildering Stories, where he serves on the review board and as review editor with a staff of five. (Bewildering Stories is widely known for the author-friendly quality of its critiques.)
Ed also serves as the newsletter editor for the Connecticut River Salmon Association. He’s a member of several writing groups, including the Fairfield Scribes, where he’s known for his tough-love comments.
He has his original wife, but advises that after almost fifty years together they are both out of warranty. Two children and five grandchildren serve as affection focus and money drain.
His work career after university has been an enjoyably demented hopscotch game. U.S. Navy officer (diver and bomb disarmer); reporter for the Providence Journal; intelligence officer living in Germany and Japan; international sales and marketing executive at a Canadian paper company (twenty- three years, seventy four countries visited, MBA from NYU); same job for the company that also owns the New England Patriots; and retirement into writing to make up for lost time.


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