085 Holly Worton

holly worton

Holly experienced low confidence, self esteem and self worth. Also, her business partner’s views were misaligned with her integrity, values and beliefs. Holly was in a dark/difficult place and felt out of touch with herself. She took inventory of her life, made some life changes and empowered herself to transition to a place that is aligned with her integrity and values. Holly shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:

– meditate by walking in nature
– disconnect from technology
– connecting with nature enables you to connect with yourself
– pay attention to the red flags
– don’t sweep problems under the rug
– respect your intuition and gut feelings
– take inventory of your life
– whatever you may be experiencing, it’s possible to turn it around
– you have the tools to change your beliefs and mindset
– if/when you’re ready to make a change, ask for help
– make decisions based on your highest values

Holly Worton is an author and podcaster. She writes books about mindset and about her outdoor adventures.  She is also an avid hiker, walker, and camper. Nature walks are her way of reconnecting with myself. Nature is sacred, healing, magical. Being out in nature is deeply nourishing to her.  You may know her as the Business Mindset Alchemist. Things are changing and so is her website. She’ll be focusing more on Nature and less on business. She’ll continue to talk about the transformational power of changing our mindset, but for a while she’ll be blogging and podcasting about a variety of things.


If Trees Could Talk: Life Lessons from the Wisdom of the Woods by [Worton, Holly]

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