086 Spencer Gorman-Prow

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Executive Chef Spencer experienced and overcame sexual abuse as a child. The chaotic nature of a professional kitchen enabled his journey of healing, health and happiness. Chef Spencer’s book “Solace in Chaos, A Chef’s Memoir”, a therapeutic journal, inspires and helps others find their own coping strategies within the context of their professional passions. Cooking provides him with a space for creativity. In his kitchen, Chef Spencer surrounds himself with his like-minded staff. He shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– each of us has a gift, e.g. something to offer the world
– each of us deserves to be happy
– find your passion
– find out how you can create that space that will allow you to be truly content
– it is OK to express yourself and to be your true, authentic self
– each day is a new challenge
– build on what you did the day before
– seek a trusted friend or colleague
– verbalizing a traumatic incident with a trusted advocate may alleviate the pressure that you may be feeling







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