087 Thomas Blackwell

Sometimes, we allow unhealthy self talk to impact the course of our thoughts, actions and life. The tone and kindness with which we speak to ourselves and others creates our environments. Thomas has the unique gift of finding the diamonds in the rough, ‘uncovering’ the signs (seeing others’ true potentials) and ‘shining’ those signs with genuine praise, love, trust and acceptance.  What happens next is that people start to also see their true potentials.  They believe, love and accept themselves for the wonderful beings that they are. Thomas shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– speak to yourself and others with love, kindness and praise
– remind yourself frequently that you are loved, special, worthy, divine and capable of great things
– be mindful, conscious and true of the words that you say to yourself and others
– we bring about what we talk about
– see people as they can become
– when you get to know someone’s story, you tend to love them
– people tend to act how you speak to them
– we create the beauty within or the beast within
– create environments of acceptance and love
– only say what you want to happen
– there are diamonds in the rough, waiting to be discovered
– you can accomplish anything you want, if you say so

Thomas Blackwell travels the world as a keynote speaker and trainer inspiring people to changer their language in order to change their results. He is the author of “The Liberty of Our Language Revealed” – We Bring About What We Talk About- and has given more than 1000 talks and presentations to corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, sales teams, athletes, religious groups, and students.

While attending Northern Arizona University on a music/voice scholarship Thomas competed in tennis and soccer and later coached tennis at the Division I level. His business experience runs deep as he has owned and operated a successful seven figure insurance agency with over 100 agents and 3 different locations. While realizing some significant success in business in 2004 he was asked to tell his story in 7 minutes to a group of over 10,000 people. His being requested to speak and inspire as a keynote and facilitator has never stopped since that point. This inevitably led him to this vocation he didn’t even know was an option.

Above it all Thomas‘s greatest blessings from God are being married to his high school sweetheart, and being the father to four precious daughters.


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