088 John Abrams

John Abrams Clapping

When John was 8 years old, his parents divorced. He also discovered that his brothers and he did not share the same father. These life changes made him want attention. John wanted to be the ‘star of the show’. He witnessed that people made a living doing their art. John reinvented himself multiple times. Today, he does what he loves, which is performing for a live audience. John shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
– take inventory of your life on a regular basis
– ask yourself “am I truly happy?”
– if not, make a change
– don’t wait for the ‘big event’
– exercise what John calls “LIFE”: 1) figure out what you Love, 2) be In service (to others), 3) Focus and 4) Engage

Professional entertainer John Abrams has been making his living in the performing arts since 1998. From actor to acting coach to professional magician to host of his very own podcast “The Variety Artist”, John has follow his lifelong passion to inspire other performing artists to follow their dream.


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